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Our Program

Our signature 90 days program, coaching, field experience, state of the art learning process. 

Be trained by the most experience Takaful Leaders & Academy Personnel

1st 30 Days

Why & How

You will start with orientation program & team building. Get to know Takaful Industry and potential market in Malaysia. Get exposed with Caliph Agency Management System (CAMS) to help you excel in Takaful business

Team work

Last 30 Days

This Is It! You Are Ready

Learn to segmentize your market in order to achieve your business goals. High net worth clients approach & presentation techniques. Explore the needs of Takaful for business person. Your successful story has just begun, where your next goal in line is to have your own Takaful Agency by pursuing your career to be Agency Leader.

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Next 30 Days

Learn & Get Certified

What is a successful sales process? Practice with the real life scenario. This is where you get certified to face the real world in Takaful business. Get to know all available FWD Systems. You will also be exposed in the best social media advertising methods. Learn from the best Leaders & Agents in our agency as they will share their true success stories.

Office Meeting

Advance Program

Follow Up Follow Through Course

Among the most respected title in Takaful business is Islamic Financial Planner (IFP).You will participate in important modules such as Tax Planning, Will & Hibah to further equip you with enough knowledge when facing prospects.

Handshake in the Office
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